FALMOUTH (Downtown Area)

Main Street

On-street parking is available on Main Street and Shore Street. No overnight parking. Parking is free, but limited to three (3) hours.

Peg Noonan Municipal Parking Lot

The parking lot is located off Main Street, west of the Falmouth Public Library (300 Main Street). Parking is free.

Mullen-Hall School (seasonal)

The parking lot is located at Mullen-Hall School (130 Katharine Lee Bates Road) and is only available when school is not in session (July and August). No overnight parking. Parking is free.

Lawrence School (seasonal)

The parking lot is located at Lawrence School (113 Lakeview Avenue) and is only available when school is not in session (July and August). No overnight parking. Parking is free.


On-street metered parking is available on Grand Avenue (south). No overnight parking. Seasonal Parking Rules may apply.


Teaticket School (seasonal)

The parking lot is located at Teaticket School (45 Maravista Avenue Extension) and is only available when school is not in session (July and August). No overnight parking. Parking is free.


On-street metered parking is available on Water Street, Luscombe Avenue, Railroad Avenue, MBL Street, and North Street. No parking 2 am to 6 am – Tow Away Zone. Seasonal Parking Rules may apply.

Public transportation is recommended, as parking is limited in Woods Hole. Please refer to the Cape Cod Transit Authority for more information. Be sure to try the WHOOSH Trolley during the summer.


How to Use an IPS Smart Parking Meter

Parking meters are located in the villages of Falmouth, Falmouth Heights, and Woods Hole

Parking meters operate every day from 8 am to 6 pm (including holidays)

Parking meters cost $1.00 per hour, or $0.25 for 15 minutes

Payment will be accepted in coins (quarters only) and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and Discover). An additional $1.00 administrative fee will applied for the use of a credit card. Get credit card receipts

Parking meters are for short-term parking only.

Maximum time limit of three (3) hours, at which time the vehicle must be moved.

SEASONAL PARKING RULES (November 1, 2019- March 31, 2020)

Falmouth Heights: The first thirty (30) minutes is free for all metered parking spaces located on Grand Avenue.

Woods Hole: The first thirty (30) minutes is free for all metered parking spaces located on Luscombe Avenue, and select parking spaces on Water Street (between Woods Hole Road and the Candle House, #127).


Less than 10 ft. unobstructed lane (prohibited): “Upon any roadway where the parking of a vehicle will not leave a clear and unobstructed lane at least ten (10) feet wide in each direction for passing traffic.”

Parking Meter (expired)

Parking Meter (over three hours)

Outside a delineated parking space (prohibited): Parking a vehicle outside a delineated parking space (i.e., lines marking the front, rear, and/ or side of a parking space for one vehicle)

Upon any sidewalk (prohibited)

Upon any crosswalk (prohibited)

Within 10 ft. of a hydrant (prohibited)

Across private way or driveway (prohibited): In front of any private road or driveway.

Within 20 ft. of an intersection (prohibited): Upon any street within twenty (20) feet of an intersecting way, except alleys.


No overnight parking on any street in the Town of Falmouth. Vehicles with a Handicapped Parking (HP) plate or display a Handicapped Parking (HP) Placard are not exempt from overnight parking restrictions.


Occasionally a “parking ban” will be imposed by the Chief of Police during snow emergencies, lawful assembly, special events, and other related events (e.g., July 4th Fireworks Display, Falmouth Road Race, etc.).


Parking Meter Fees

People who have an HP plate or display placard are exempt from paying parking meter fees. However, this exemption only applies to meters, not any other type of pay to park system.

Parking Time Limits

People who have an HP plate or display placard are exempt from the time limits on a parking space, such as 15 minutes or 2 hours only, etc. However, this does not exempt HP plate or placard users from fines or towing when “No Parking” restrictions are in effect, such as snow emergencies, special events, and overnight parking bans.

Handicap Disability Placard Provisions & Penalties

Click here for more information.


A Falmouth Resident Parking Permit allows the operator to park a vehicle for free on Millfield Street, Gardiner Road, Buzzards Bay Avenue, High Street, Bell Tower Lane (church side only), Orchard Street, and the Depot Avenue Muncipal Parking Lot. Parking bans may apply. Please refer to the Applications & Licensing section for more information.


Failure to obey a parking ticket or violation notice within 21 days after the date of the issuance may result in the non-renewal of the license to drive and/or the certification of registration of the registered owner.

Parking Ticket Fines

Parking Ticket Fines Chart

Contact Information

The Police Department does not process parking tickets or violations, instead please contact the Collectors Office, 59 Town Hall Square, Falmouth, MA 02540 for further information (508-495-7370).

Payment Procedures


PAY BY PHONE: 1-855-335-8334



Make Check or Money Order payable to FALMOUTH PARKING CLERK. Write your ticket number and plate number on the front of your payment to ensure proper credit and MAIL TO:

Falmouth Parking Clerk, PO BOX 2052, Tarrytown, NY 10591-9052


Tickets may be paid by Check, Cash, Bank Check or Money Order at the Falmouth Town Hall Collector’s Office, 59 Town Hall Square, Falmouth, MA (8:00-4:30 M-F).


Every appeal needs to be accompanied by a form available online, by letter or in person, see below.


Mail Appeal form or go in person to:

Falmouth Parking Hearing Officer, 59 Town Hall Square, Falmouth, MA 02540

The appeal should include the following Information: Your name, mailing address and telephone number. Please supply the ticket number as well as your vehicle registration number (license plate). The statement should explain the reasons for the appeal. If you feel it would assist the Parking Clerk in making their decision, please supply any other documentation that may have a bearing on your appeal (i.e. photographs, diagrams, maps and other documents).

All Parking Ticket processes in compliance with MGL Ch. 90: Sec 20A 1/2, MGL Ch. 90, Sec. 20-D provides penalty for unlawfully removing, tampering with, changing, mutilating or destroying the notice.